That took awhile -sorry! Got struck down by some nasty germs so a few things fell through the cracks. I am so ready for nicer weather and the end of this germ filled winter!
I asked my son to pick a number between 1 and 44 and 33 it is!
Congratulations Janelle! I will email you for your address!

It's finally here- time to share!

Giveaway at the end of the post!
Full Moon Lagoon is finally here! It started arriving at stores a few days ago and I could not be more thrilled! I dug right in when I got my bolts and started on the free quilt pattern. I designed the pattern before I even had the fabric so putting this together has been fun! When I am done it will look something like this:  (follow this link to find the pattern!)

I also had a little time to put together the first of many projects with this line. I am thrilled with how the colors came out and love the way the colorways play back and forth with each other so nicely.
This bag is from Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Quilted Totes. It is the wide version- I am sure I will be making the tall version soon because it really is a great tote.

The first of many pillows! When I designed the cheater print I put the large seahorse motif in for just this type of project.
I hope you all love this collection as much as I do. I want to get the ball rolling so go ahead and leave me a comment and tell me what you are excited to make with Full Moon Lagoon. I will randomly pick one winner to receive a fat quarter set of the whole line!
Happy sewing!!


Thanks to everyone for entering! I loved reading your comments and even got a few good ideas from your traditions. The winner of the book and gift card holder is Valerie! Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for another fun Giveaway Day!

Giveaway Day!!

 Welcome to Giveaway Day!! I always love participating in Giveaway Day because I know I will find some great new blogs to read. So many talented people out there!
My Giveaway is a copy of the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays by the wonderful John Q. Adams. You might know him as Quilt Dad. It is a fantastic book and loaded with really great and beautiful projects.   I have a project in the book so my giveaway will be for the book and for one of my handmade gift card givers! All you have to do is leave me a comment with your favorite holiday tradition and I will choose one comment randomly to be the winner. I will ship internationally! Good luck! I will announce the winner on the 8th of December.

So excited!

I have been sitting on this one for quite some time now and am SO excited to share this! Several months ago I signed on with the amazing and fabulous Andover Fabrics as one of their licensed designers! I am already having a blast with them and am so happy to be working with such a wonderful group of people. I am doubly excited to share with you a tiny peek at my first collection with them that should be shipping in December. I should have strike offs very soon and have some great project ideas to share when the time comes. Until then, enjoy this little peek of Full Moon Lagoon. It is my most favorite collection I have done and I just can't wait to show you the whole thing!

Baby quilt starring Madrona Road!

Wow- haven't been on blogger in a looooong time and everything is different! We'll see how this goes... There was recently a sweet baby girl born to the family of one of my son's friends. I had the itch to make a quilt and Madrona Road by my sweet friend Violet Craft seemed the obvious and perfect choice! I used the snail playmat pattern from Dare to Be Square Quilting and I love how it turned out!

I love her donkey that stands next to the mailbox with her name on it. So cute! The colors of this line are great. Certainly sweet and girly but a bit sharper and not too sugary.

I pieced the back and put a little embroidery in with her name. I couldn't believe it when I flipped the quilt over after quilting and the quilting lines ended up framing her name so perfectly. I didn't plan that but maybe I should just tell people I did!
And here is the whole back. I love how it turned out and it was so nice to make something after such a long dry spell. Spring is always so busy around here that not a lot of sewing happens.

Pillow swap!

I accidentally pushed the memory card into the computer too far and it went inside! My husband finally took it apart and fished it out so now I can post these gorgeous photos! I was so thrilled to open my package from Deb at (stupid blogger won't let me link correctly!) It is perfect in our family room though I am scared to put it on the couch because it is just too beautiful to get squished just yet! I love the way it looks perched there so I am going to leave it on display for awhile longer! Her sewing is impeccable! I told her I was so tempted to turn the whole pillow inside out and take a picture so everyone coild see how well she sewed it up- all finished with french seams and it just looks gorgeous!
Here is a better photo though these grey days make photos so hard to take. The negative side to living somewhere so lush and green
And here is the back- I love the whole thing! I love this swap because I always get to meet such nice and talented people!

Here is the pillow I made for my partner, Colleen over at Lucky Duck Dreams ( She and I have similar colors that we like so that made it a bit easier. She said she loved Heather Ross fussy cut pillows and these prints worked well in her color preferences so I broke out the Mendocino. I Like the way it turned out- might have to make another one for myself. You can never have enough pillows!

Waking up

I have been in full hibernation mode over here. Digging in at home, trying to spend some time alone with my thoughts. Winter is not my favorite season by a long shot so I find I have to tune into what I think I need during those dark cold months and this year it was hibernating. Not to be confused with sleeping, there was plenty of planning and plotting and goings ons- just wanted to be quiet there for awhile. I am not a cold weather person. That flower up there- I like to feel like that bright and sunny and putting my best self forward. Winter doesn't help me do that. But I am waking up and enjoying the promise of spring. And the promise of some fun things on the horizon that I will share soon. And the promise of some icky dental work which I will not share but it can't be all fun and games all the time!
In the spirit of sharing, here is my new favorite dinner to make. This is going to get me through baseball season so lets hope the kids continue to love it like they do now! We call it "Burrito Guts" because it is basically burrito filling made as a casserole. Super easy and super flexible.
This recipe feeds the four of us for two nights:

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into strips. My awesome local grocery store will cut them into strips for me. I don't cook meat very often and I don't want to touch it if I can help it!

Saute some garlic and olive oil in a skillet. (I use our awesome electric skillet. I love that thing)
Throw in the chicken and cook until it is cooked through.

Open a can of corn (Trader Joes is the best!) and a can of black beans. Layer half a can of each on the bottom of a baking dish (i use the white corning ware that is a little higher up the sides) add some salsa of your choice and stir. Layer half of the chicken on top then sprinkle a little cheese. Repeat these steps for one more layer.
Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes until it is all heated through
Put into tortillas and drizzle on my secret sauce.
Secret sauce:
I small container of plain non fat yogurt
1 TBSP (or to taste) mexican seasoning
Mix those together. That's it.

The next night I just heat it all up again and we eat it again.
That's what we are having tonight (and tomorrow!) I cut up veggies like red peppers and put them in the burrito too. Yum!

Have a great friday tomorrow! And don't forget to spring your clocks forward this weekend. I am so excited for the evenings to be lighter!!

Christmas at Chez Bedell!

Welcome to our house! Around here we LOVE Christmas! We like to have lots of Christmas in all the nooks and crannies. We love a BIG tree that has not been trimmed- I like it to look wild and old fashioned.

Take another look at that gorgeous quilt on my couch! We had a Secret Santa this year with my friends and my Secret Santa was Elizabeth! I was so touched when I opened this gorgeous quilt and she told me that she was inspired by our house at Christmas! She calls the pattern "Sparkle Punch" which is perfect. I think she got it spot on and I absolutely love it!! It will be out all year and not just during the Christmas season that inspired it because it is just too gorgeous to be put away. Nobody puts Sparkle Punch in a closet.

Ahhhh the tree! I love this tree. The garlands are vintage glass garlands I have collected over the years.

The kids and I made this sparkly garland out of painted egg cartons years ago when they were so little. It is one of my most prized possesions. It makes me happy to look at it and remember all the great times we spent together before they were school aged and I had to share them with the world. We still do a lot of fun things together- I especially love school breaks when we can hang out all day long.

This is a little nook at the end of our fireplace wall. I love this little nook with it's thrift store cabinet and embroideries. I love the little Christmas punches. I put some of my husbands treasures from his childhood Christmases over here so they are safe from getting knocked by errant dog tails or wayward nerf bullets.

This is on the buffet in our dining room. I love the silver tree and vintage ornaments. The artwork hanging above is from my Granny. She had a dear friend, Corita Kent who was an incredible artist. She has a whole series of letters based on nautical code flags that are just beautiful. If you don't know about her, you should read a little on her and her life. An amazing woman and beautiful artist. When we were kids my sister and I would help out at her art shows that were held locally. She came to our house for Thanksgiving one year and I remember being so smitten by her. She had quite a presence of generosity and kindness.

This little nativity came from a rummage sale for $2. Such a steal. So sweet.

The mantle. Lots of goodies here!

This bell came from my friend Laurie also known as Magpie Ethel. She is a wizard with the re fashioned vintage Christmas. If you like vintage hoiliday stuff do yourself a favor and check her out. I got this bell just this year and I adore it!

I hope you enjoyed all the Christmas goodies! Now just imagine the Carpenters Christmas album playing and the smell of cookies baking and that about rounds it out!

So there's this contest...

So recently I entered a contest over at All People Quilt. They have some really fun contests and this one looked like so much fun that I decided to enter. I love these little bags as party favors- it's such a great pattern for that. I found out last week that I was lucky enough to make it to the finals! The way the contest works is they chose 10 bags to go to the final round and the one winner is determined by voting. The voting continues to the end of the month and I was so excited to be in second place for a few days but I am now in fourth place! If you wouldn't mind, and if you like my entry, I would be so thankful if you would vote for my bag by going here:

Everybody gets one vote per day so you can go back each day if you are so inclined. Thanks for indulging my shameless plea for your support!