Christmas at Chez Bedell!

Welcome to our house! Around here we LOVE Christmas! We like to have lots of Christmas in all the nooks and crannies. We love a BIG tree that has not been trimmed- I like it to look wild and old fashioned.

Take another look at that gorgeous quilt on my couch! We had a Secret Santa this year with my friends and my Secret Santa was Elizabeth! I was so touched when I opened this gorgeous quilt and she told me that she was inspired by our house at Christmas! She calls the pattern "Sparkle Punch" which is perfect. I think she got it spot on and I absolutely love it!! It will be out all year and not just during the Christmas season that inspired it because it is just too gorgeous to be put away. Nobody puts Sparkle Punch in a closet.

Ahhhh the tree! I love this tree. The garlands are vintage glass garlands I have collected over the years.

The kids and I made this sparkly garland out of painted egg cartons years ago when they were so little. It is one of my most prized possesions. It makes me happy to look at it and remember all the great times we spent together before they were school aged and I had to share them with the world. We still do a lot of fun things together- I especially love school breaks when we can hang out all day long.

This is a little nook at the end of our fireplace wall. I love this little nook with it's thrift store cabinet and embroideries. I love the little Christmas punches. I put some of my husbands treasures from his childhood Christmases over here so they are safe from getting knocked by errant dog tails or wayward nerf bullets.

This is on the buffet in our dining room. I love the silver tree and vintage ornaments. The artwork hanging above is from my Granny. She had a dear friend, Corita Kent who was an incredible artist. She has a whole series of letters based on nautical code flags that are just beautiful. If you don't know about her, you should read a little on her and her life. An amazing woman and beautiful artist. When we were kids my sister and I would help out at her art shows that were held locally. She came to our house for Thanksgiving one year and I remember being so smitten by her. She had quite a presence of generosity and kindness.

This little nativity came from a rummage sale for $2. Such a steal. So sweet.

The mantle. Lots of goodies here!

This bell came from my friend Laurie also known as Magpie Ethel. She is a wizard with the re fashioned vintage Christmas. If you like vintage hoiliday stuff do yourself a favor and check her out. I got this bell just this year and I adore it!

I hope you enjoyed all the Christmas goodies! Now just imagine the Carpenters Christmas album playing and the smell of cookies baking and that about rounds it out!