Waking up

I have been in full hibernation mode over here. Digging in at home, trying to spend some time alone with my thoughts. Winter is not my favorite season by a long shot so I find I have to tune into what I think I need during those dark cold months and this year it was hibernating. Not to be confused with sleeping, there was plenty of planning and plotting and goings ons- just wanted to be quiet there for awhile. I am not a cold weather person. That flower up there- I like to feel like that bright and sunny and putting my best self forward. Winter doesn't help me do that. But I am waking up and enjoying the promise of spring. And the promise of some fun things on the horizon that I will share soon. And the promise of some icky dental work which I will not share but it can't be all fun and games all the time!
In the spirit of sharing, here is my new favorite dinner to make. This is going to get me through baseball season so lets hope the kids continue to love it like they do now! We call it "Burrito Guts" because it is basically burrito filling made as a casserole. Super easy and super flexible.
This recipe feeds the four of us for two nights:

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into strips. My awesome local grocery store will cut them into strips for me. I don't cook meat very often and I don't want to touch it if I can help it!

Saute some garlic and olive oil in a skillet. (I use our awesome electric skillet. I love that thing)
Throw in the chicken and cook until it is cooked through.

Open a can of corn (Trader Joes is the best!) and a can of black beans. Layer half a can of each on the bottom of a baking dish (i use the white corning ware that is a little higher up the sides) add some salsa of your choice and stir. Layer half of the chicken on top then sprinkle a little cheese. Repeat these steps for one more layer.
Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes until it is all heated through
Put into tortillas and drizzle on my secret sauce.
Secret sauce:
I small container of plain non fat yogurt
1 TBSP (or to taste) mexican seasoning
Mix those together. That's it.

The next night I just heat it all up again and we eat it again.
That's what we are having tonight (and tomorrow!) I cut up veggies like red peppers and put them in the burrito too. Yum!

Have a great friday tomorrow! And don't forget to spring your clocks forward this weekend. I am so excited for the evenings to be lighter!!