Tis the Season!

I love Christmas! Really though what I love is the Christmas Season. I love the lights on the houses and happy holiday music and getting to gather with friends and families in such a festive way. The actual day is nice but I am not a big fan of the consumerism that goes along with that. I think, as sewists and crafters and makers, it is a wonderful time to get to use those skills for those we care about. (But of course you already know that!) One of the things I love to do is put treats together for all of our neighborhood friends. Usually cookies or baked goods though this year I am going to try some of those soup in a jar starters. I made these free printable recipe cards for all of you to use in your gift and treat giving too.
 When I give plates of cookies I like to use pretty thrifted plates I find and use bakers twine to attach the recipe card.  I think since the jars of dry soup fixins are pretty self explanatory I can print out the cheesey biscuit recipe to make with it. (oh my gosh or just eat plates and plates of cheesey biscuits. Tooooo yummy.) 
The recipe cards come in two sizes: 4 x 6 and 3 x 5. You can download them here:

                                                                    3 x 5 download here
                                                                    4 x 6 download here

A note about printing: make sure you are printing it as "actual size" so they print out how you expect them to. The 3 x 5 print four to a page and the 4 x 6 print two to a page. I printed mine on cardstock with a subtle glittery finish. (if you look carefully you can see it in the photos above) It dulls the colors a little but looks nice. They would work equally well printed on nice bright white cardstock. I hope you enjoy them! They are for your own personal use and are not to be sold. (I feel like I have to say that because I have run into that recently with a free giveaway so sorry to sound naggy!)  If you have a minute (and have read this far!) let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday treat is- I am always looking for new yummy recipes to try!