Introducing Hothouse Flowers!

I am so thrilled to introduce Hothouse Flowers to all of you! This is my new collection with Andover and it should be in stores by November.  Hothouse is a collection that has been a long time coming and now that it is here, I could not be happier with how it turned out- I hope you feel the same way!
Hothouse Flowers is all about the growing season where the world starts to pop with color and fragrance and life after a long winters rest. I was inspired by gorgeous blooms, dewey spider webs and the scattering of seeds that bloom where they are planted. This collection reminds me of the warm evenings and bright mornings of my favorite time of year.

 There are two colorways that work beautifully together. (my camera is on it's last leg so I wish the photos were a bit better but they will do!) I love bright beautiful colors and it is always a little nerve wracking to see if the factory can hit the hues I love. I can say that they hit these colors perfectly! The dark purple on that floral with the orange in the top row is so beautiful in real life. And the oranges are so rich and lovely. Truly the colors can't really be captured in photos.
 I had a small window to knock out a few samples and thank goodness for my amazing friends who come at a moments notice to help! I love this mini quilt- Violet made most of it and then Gibby stepped in and I finished it. Such a sweet collaboration over a day of sewing, giggling and eating.
 This is my quilt in process. It is the free pattern that goes with the line and can be found here.  The solid base is Andover's new chambray and it is a lovely fabric to work with. I sent this off for quilting by the lovely Krista and she blew my mind with what she did- can't wait to have photos to share!
 This pillow felt like the rays of the sun to me. I can't get over how much I love these colors!
 My first try at applique- I am so happy with this little purse- though I am thankful you can't see it up close- I need some practice! The base of this is a gorgeous wool. I am having a wool love affair right now- must be fall!
                                         Some more samples by the lovely Irene and Gibby.

Here is the whole stack. I truly hope this collection makes you happy and I can't wait to see what you sew with it! If you are going to Market please come by the Andover booth and take a look!