Summer Breeze Quilt- tutorial link at bottom of post!

 Not only is this quilt absolutely gorgeous, it has a nice story. Several months ago I received an email from a woman named Julianna with kind words about the line and an image of a quilt she made that she thought Full Moon Lagoon would be perfect for. She and I hit it off and I ended up sending her some fabric and she ended up making this stunning quilt and through it all I found a new friend. She lives in Poland and my Grandma was born there so it was a nice connection. Julianna is a tremendously talented sewer and a lovely person and  I feel so lucky that our paths crossed!  After she created the top she sent it on to Krista in Seattle. Krista is a Genius Longarm Magician who does breathtaking work. I want to make quilts just so Krista can quilt them so I can see what she will come up with! This spot on the quilt is one of my favorites. Julianna appliqued this jellyfish on with amazing precision and Krista filled in around it with the most delightful bubbles. I must have pointed this particular spot out on this quilt to half of the people who came into my booth!
 Here it is so you can see the whole thing. The lighting was so weird in the convention center that it made picture taking a bit challenging but I think you get the point. Gorgeous! All of those appliques came from the panel print except the starfish which she cut out of one of the prints.

Here is the good news- Julianna was kind enough to create a tutorial for this quilt so you can make your own! Follow this link here: Summer Breeze Quilt . And while you are over there check out her other work and prepare to have your mind blown a little.