Quilt Market- part one!

As soon as I heard that Market would be in my neck of the woods I knew I wanted to jump in and do my first booth- thankfully my wonderful husband thought that seemed like a good idea too!  He ended up getting some new power tools out of it so that made him happy.  These booth walls he built sure looked HUGE in our garage!
 Originally I had intended to have a new line of sewing patterns to debut at Market but the Universe had other plans and I ended up with a nasty bout of double pneumonia for over a month that put the pattern development on hold. They will be out in the next couple of months and I am glad I didn't rush them out as rushed patterns are probably not very good ones! Because of the pneumonia I left the building of the walls to my husband and my kids while I laid on the couch. He spent a nice long afternoon teaching our daughter how to use a drill and build. It was really sweet and she was so happy to get to help. This whole thing really felt like a family affair with everyone chipping in and supporting the efforts. That was such a nice thing to experience with my family.
Set up day came and we loaded up the UHaul! Dusty did not like all of the activity and moving of things and tried to go to the convention center with us. He kept jumping up into the truck and was sort of stressed out by the whole thing. Doesn't he look cute with his summer shave? I love that dog. The best was when we got to the convention center and I hopped out of the truck at the loading dock and there was Rashida! So fun to see her right of the bat- got me in a fun Quilt Market mood!
 Wow set up was hard work! Hauling those beautiful though drastically overbuilt giant heavy walls the very long walk through completely obstructed aisleways in the convention center was wild. At one point we found a cart and, ignoring the laws of physics loaded the three wheeled cart with some of these walls and they ended up falling on me. Pretty good learning curve for these rookies!

Finally!! Hours later we finally had the walls in and the carpet down. That was pretty much day one! Thankfully we had another day to set up. Hanging quilts took way longer than I thought but we managed to get everything just how I wanted it by dinner time.
 Here is how we left it the end of day two. I was excited and tired at this point and a little nervous for the show to actually start. I had no idea how much fun I was going to have!
Tomorrow part two: the quilts!