I have been meaning to do a post linking to all the stuff people asked about in my booth at Market in May. I continue to get emails asking about these things so here is a post of links and sources. That green chair above was purchased at World Market. People loved that chair! The wall color is Reclining Green from Sherwin Williams paint. I had more comments on that paint! It is the color of our living room and dining room at home. I love it a whole lot. The pictures don't do it justice- it is almost Tiffany Blue but better.
 If you want to make this hanging vase there is a tutorial for it that I did for the Sew Mama Sew blog which you can find by clicking here.  They take hardly any time to make and are just my favorite to have hanging around. Super quick easy gift idea.
Here it is hanging off the bench that I borrowed from my living room. The little covered ottoman on the right was purchased at and I covered it with fabric. Look in their ottoman clearance- good deals and easy to personalize.

The dresses- The one on the left is the Emmaline pattern by Violette Fields. You could make this dress out of burlap and it would still be as sweet. The pattern is the perfect mix of girl sweetness and ruffles without beating you over the head with them. The patterns are well written and their style is so lovely. The dress on the mannequin on the right I sewed up without a pattern a few days before Market so I can't link to anything there. It gave me a chance to use some of my stash of vintage trims which I was happy about.

 The basket on the lower shelf of the table that held my embroidery patterns was from the wonderful tutorial over at Pink Penguin. It is the perfect pattern for so many things. My lovely friends Irene and Liz each made me one to use for the booth. They are so sweet and practical.
This quilt here was the bell of the ball and was made by my sweet friend Elizabeth. I love that I had some of her magic in my booth with me all weekend. Now it is at home in my living room and I still can't get over how much I love it! The leaves are raw edge applique using the template from her first book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork. If you don't have that book you should have it- it is a fantastic resource.
So that should do it! Hopefully I included the information you have been curious about! I have been getting a lot of emails so if I didn't cover something let me know. Oh- the only other thing is the candy I was handing out at my booth was a big hit and you can find it here. I had people come by just for candy and more than one called them "crack mints". EW. written out it looks like the wrong kind of crack- so let's just say they were addicting!