Monday, October 31, 2011


Wow! What a good time we had sewing these samples! I am so ridiculously lucky to be blessed with a fantastic group of friends who are not only amazing people, but really fantastic sewists. All I had to do was give a holler out to my Yams and we spent a couple of days sewing these up.

I got the fabric just a week before it had to be shipped back so it was a quick turnaround. Even better than all these gorgeous samples was the fun days I got to spend sewing with them. We had a ball! I love that pillow up there- I kept thinking it looked like the window that Darth Vader stands in front of in Star Wars. (at least I think that is what it reminds me of. My 12 year old son is shaking my head in shame at my obvious lack of recollection where all the many little details of Star Wars that he keeps in his brain quite intact are concerned- all I know is there is something really cool and Star Wars about it!) Monica kept joking that copyright laws being what they are we would have to call it something like "Flaming Orb Conflict Pillow"! Heather designed this beauty!

I love these! Elizabeth set to work working her magic and I just love these. I love the selvages!
She is amazing- I asked if she would mind making some pillows and she just went to town doing her thing. Fun to watch her work.

Proof that Mechanical Genius is not just for boys! The blues in this print are just gorgeous. The photo really doesn't do it justice. The dress pattern is one of my favorites done by our own Violet Craft and you can get your copy here! There is a short sleeve version too and I swear this dress looks great in any combination of fabrics!

Monica's bag! She whipped this out and you can whip one out too- her pattern is here. I love this bag. Perfect size and I love how she put the prints together! She kept us in stitches literally and figuratively that day!!

Here is the Easy Linen Shirt from the amazing book "Sewing for Boys". The Jammies below are also from the book and Shelly herself whipped those up . Both of these patterns are fantastic. The easy linen shirt is such a great all purpose cute style for boys and it sews up so nice and easy. I can see this being one of those staple shirts where you make a few.The jammies are so handsome and dapper while being so adorable. I hadn't cuffed them yet when I took the photo but they look cute cuffed or not. Seriously good patterns for boys in that book!

My lovely friend Traci sewed this up. It was the third one she had made in the last month or so and I am so thankful she didn't laugh at me when I asked if she would make one more! I love how it turned out and her sewing is impeccable! I want to make one of these for my husband!

There are a few other things I didn't get photos of and there is still a quilt to show that I will have photos of soon. It will be the free pattern on the Timeless Treasures website so I will keep you posted when that is up. I can't wait to see what everyone sews up with this line! The hand is so nice on it and the colors are clean and saturated and gorgeous. I am thrilled with how it turned out and I hope you are too!

I picked a winner finally for the Project Linus Quilt Kit giveaway! Comment #19 Grandma June! Pop me an email and I will get that fabric in the mail for you!


Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

your fabric collection is beautiful, exactly what I have looking for...I also have an older boy! and I totally get the conflict pillow! I cannot wait to be able to purchase it and sew some cool older boy stuff!

happy zombie said...

Flaming Orb Conflict Pillow (robot voice). We love you so much and you are so wonderful, amazing, funny, kind, talented… every word that is good… and you bring that out of everyone that's around you. You Mo'infect us with your goodness!