Monday, August 8, 2011

Sluggish re-entry

We were on vacation. It was awesome. 11 days of family time on a tropical island. It was good on so many levels and I am not that excited to be home though I think if the sun would shine more here I might be less grumpy. Loooong time ago I lived in Maui and it was such a nice place to live. After a trip like that I want to move back- especially when the re-entry to day to day life has been a bit tough this time. My girl and I did manage to have dinner with our pal Monica and her family last night and that was fun! My daughter just adores her (as do i!) and the whole ride home was Monica! Monica! Monica! We also had a particularly fun sewing group last thursday so I need to complain less and focus on the great things here! We hit a garage sale this weekend and I found that chair for $10. It is more turquoise than it looks in the photo and the curves make it all kinds of comfy. Love it. Next post I will show vacation photos. Ahhhhhhhhhh such a beautiful place and such nice people.


Violet Craft said...

Super chair score! And we're glad you're home, though I do understand completely :)

Lori said...

You are the yard sale, QUEEN!!!! I can't believe the amazing stuff you find!
Glad you had a wonderful family vacation. We are heading Hawaiian way for Spring Break.... I wish I was there now due to the non-summerness of Portland.

happy zombie said...

I wish we could dine like that every night! I love you so much, and love Miss M so much too. If she ever needs a second mom, I'm raising my hand high! XXXOOO!