Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pillows and pups

My sweet friend Jill just had a birthday and loves the Matroyska dolls and I scooped up a scrap of this at the last swap we had at sewing group. I have been saving it just for this project so it was fun to finally use it. I need to make some new pillows for our couch but can't decide what fabrics I want to use.

This is home improvement Bedell style. My husband is moderately handy around the house and if he doesn't know how to do something he will figure it out. We moved into this house 7 years ago and we were long overdue to do some deck maintenance. It is a very large deck that runs the length of the house in the backyard. It is flush with the yard except one section that is raise a foot or so off the ground. He cleaned it off (that took a whole day to get it un slimy!) and has been replacing the rotten boards. The other day he pulled up a few boards, turned his back to cut the new boards to length, came back and nailed them in place. A few minutes later he comes inside and asks if the dog is inside. I say, nope, I thought he was out there with you. You know where this is heading...thank God the dog sneezed because that is how David realized the dog was trapped under the deck. He had crawled in there and David nailed those boards in and poor Dusty was underneath with no way out! David had to pry up one of the boards and that photo is Dusty peering out waiting to be rescued! We were laughing so hard! I was so thankful that we found him. He wasn't barking and when we were out there calling for him he sat there silent. He was a muddy filthy mess! On a good note the deck is looking much better. Now if it would just be sunny for more than half a day so we could stain it


Kristin said...

OMG, that is so funny! So glad you got a photo because that is gonna be a good story for long time. You'll have to ask Heather to tell you the story about the time her dog went missing. I'm ROFL just thinking about it. Cute pillow, btw.

happy zombie said...

This will never get old to me. Never. Poor Dusty. But knowing him… he loved every second of it. He's singing in cowboy voice, "please fence me in".

Dying over the pillow too. I was able t snag a scrap too - love that fab. Love that fun fabric frenzy night!!

Olive you. :o)