Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here is a little bird I made from the Spool Sewing pattern and gave to my pal Monica. She made me an awesome bag with floating goat heads (photo later) so I think I got the sweet end of that deal!! So on to the winners! The first winner randomly selected is Leila from Where the Orchids Grow. I have to say I am glad I found her blog because you can get lost over there. Lots of good stuff! I read all the comments and have checked out many a new blog. In doing so I stumbled across a blog , Sweeter Than Cupcakes, and started reading and found this lovely dress she made. I love that pattern- it is from Jennifer Paganelli's new book . I picked up a copy from her at Quilt Market and it is such a gorgeous book. That dress pattern happened to be my favorite and I love it in my Party Dress print so I was so happy to find the photo. So because I love her dress so much Courtney wins 2 half yard cuts of some Party Dress too.
Leila and Courtney email me and I will get your addresses and send out your fabric!!
Thanks to eveyone for entering!!


bethiejw said...

That bird is impressive.

happy zombie said...

No I got the sweet end of the deal! My little mo-birdie is sitting atop my sewing machine watching over me and making me smile as I sew!


happy zombie said...

(FGH in robot voice)

Jensen's Sweet-tooth said...

I love that bird... And that fabric choice is so playful. How did you get it to perch on the glass like that?

Suzanne said...

This is really about a previous post (I just found you). Where did you get the sewing machine candy mold? I can find the scissors and the thread spools but I can't find a sewing machine mold! HELP!