Saturday, March 5, 2011

Design Board re-purpose

We have a house full of kids today- ours and 4 extra. I had my design board in the living room and my daughter and her friends wanted to play with it so we put it horizontally on the ground and I gave them my plastic tub full of scraps. An hour and a half later they are finally taking a break. They made a back drop and took photos of each other in front of it and just had a really good time playing with the scraps and magically having them stick to the board. I love that they were so inspired by all the fabric and putting them all together. Going to eat a quick lunch and get back to playing with it!

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Thirza said...

That is a really good idea! I am planning to stick mine to the wall, but a smaller 'carry around' one for the wee ones would be a good idea. They love rummaging through my fabrics (if ever I let them ;-), this might give them some purpose!