Monday, February 21, 2011

More Auction Goodies!

Every year I make skirts for the Auction. Every year it seems the school needs more money so I made three skirts this year in addition to the pillow. We are lucky to have a great school. It is a nice community and I know it must be near impossible to do such a good job with all of the constant budgetary issues schools have to face. This skirt above I really like and so did my model so I may have to make another for her. I made another that day in that style(but a diff fabric) for one of her friends for her birthday. It was a four skirt day. Thankfully the skirts below are the easiest quickest little A line skirts ever.
Lets hope all this sewing brings in some good cash for the school.

1 comment:

happy zombie said...

ACK! I LOVE your skirts! I see only one problem... how am I going to fit in it!? Your fabrics and skirts are a PERFECT match! I tell you, your school is pretty darn lucky to have the Bedell family in it's ranks!

And your model... she's so darn cute. Gnome turds!