Friday, December 17, 2010


Here is a picture of a couple of Christmas presents I finished yesterday. That hexagon quilt has taken a good long time- I tend to go overboard stitching the hexagons and it takes more time than it needs to . I will also say that at 2.5", the hexagons were a little trickier than the little ones I usually make. I am very happy with how it turned out though and I know my daughter will be happy to have it for her dolls. I also made a potholder for my sister. She is a tough person to give/make gifts for. Hey Sis, if you are reading I don't want to see this in your next garage sale! I want to make more potholders- like making tiny quilts in a tiny amount of time! Now that I have made you listen to me blather on let's get to the good stuff!
The first winner (chosen with a random number generator) of a set of ten fat quarters of my Party Dress line is...Val from A Day in the Life of Val ! Now I did say winners even though I had initially only mentioned one prize. Honestly I was pretty wowed by the numbers of comments and yesterday, when I popped on to check things out there were around 450 ish. I said to myself that if we hit 500 then I am giving another set to the 500th person. And 500 came and went so Hungry Crafter Joanna, you are #500 so you get a set too! I found her blog the other day and I was the hungry crafter after seeing all the photos of the yummy food she makes.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful Christmas comments. Even the person who commented she just can't wait for Christmas to be over. I appreciate the honesty! Thanks also to the always amazing Kristin at Sew Mama Sew for facillitating this party for all of us!
Have a fantastic weekend! And Val and Joanna, email me your addresses so I can get your goodies in the mail to you!


Val Miller said...

wooooohoooooo!!! I was just having a grand old time reading your post and I did a full double take when I saw that I was a winner : )
I am going to find your email to send you my address. THANKS!!!

wishes, true and kind said...

Congrats to the winners!

Mo, I'm kicking myself that I didn't see your finished hexie quilt last night! It's soooooo pretty!