Thursday, December 30, 2010

I don't want it to be over!

I came into the livingroom last night and found Dusty all curled up under the tree. All the gifts have been opened so there is a nice spot just for him. He looked so sweet curled up under the tree. I love this tree. This photo is sort of blurry but I like the glowy quality of all those lights. Ahhhhhhh!
I think it all went too quickly this year. We got our tree early enough but we aren't really done enjoying it yet. Plus it seems like the kids just got out of school and now they have to go back. I am keeping fingers crossed that we get a snow day Monday so they can stay and play with me a day or two more. Legend has it if you sleep with a spoon under your pillow and put ice cubes in your toilet the snow will come. It is worth a shot! On the flip side, once they go back to school I can finish up my next fabric collection and I am ready to get that one out the door. I am excited for it! I hope everyone had a really nice holiday break.


Heather said...

aaahhh... mo :( i would cry too if my house looked like your's through the holidays! but it didn't... so i threw that cookie cutter tree right out on it's stump the day after! haha


Kristin said...

spoons and ice cubes! I'll have to try it!

Your house is lovely and the decorations are just right for your style and home (and dog.) I would be sad too.

Bridget said...

We consider January 6 to be the last official day of Christmas at our house. But I know what you mean - the world already considers the whole thing to be history, and that's always discouraging.

Enjoy the rest of it though! And at least it returns every year.

Kim G. said...

Your tree looks too cozy to come down Mo! I agree it went by too fast. Looking forward to next Christmas already! Hope you get your snow day.

Brad Fallon said...

Your house is lovely and the decorations are just right for your style and home. Happy new year!

gchaney said...

sorry to insult your manhood Dusty but you kinda look like a girl-dog in that pic! (it's ok, my Poppy looks like a boy-- I guess they are both technically neutral after getting altered, huh?) Smooches anyway D- love ya!