Monday, December 6, 2010

Free holiday printables for you!

It was sort of hard to photograph these so you could see the sparkle but it's there! These are some tags I did a few years ago but I still like and use them so I thought I would share them with you! I print these on card stock paper with a shlight sparkly sheen so the overall effect is soft and sparkly. Then I add tiny bits of glitter on the dots the stars hang from. I hope you enjoy them!
These are for your personal use only- just a little something from me to you.
tags are here!
cards are here!

Here is a link to the post with my peppermint tags printable from last year in case you missed it and want more printables!


Kristin said...

So pretty, Mo! I'm going to prep these with Lola. Gives us an excuse to break out the glitter!(Or maybe an excuse to buy one of those ridiculously attractive sets of Martha Stewart glitter!)

happy zombie said...

I love this, Mo! Loving your colors too - so very mo. Hey... *just do it* is so last November - I'm diggin' *sew mo it*!

Dogwood said...

Beautiful and festive tags. I am in love with them.

I am having fun making Christmas cards today. It is raining outside. Cozy.