Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm back!

Wow! What a whirl wind fall! I have been trying to get this blog post up all week last week but it just was not meant to be! It is a little late but here is my version of Quilt Market!
Here I am with my partner in crime and roomie for the weekend, the always lovely and kooky other Mo, Monica . We are visiting with the uber talented and sweet Patty Young. Her booth was fabulous. The effort put into these booths is significant and the work really shows. I personally think that her Kyoko pattern is one of the best, if not the best, little girl dress pattern out there. Gorgeous!
Next up is my girl Violet's new bag pattern put out by Indigo Junction. I got my hands on one of those patterns and am so ready to get one made so I can parade around with that gorgeous bag on my hip. Well done Vi!
This is sweet Katy form England. She and Brioni, two of the talents behind Fat Quarterly came all the way from the motherland to come and see Quilt Market. I am so glad they made the journey because I sure did have a ton of fun with them!
coolest tatoo ever. I may have to get one of those... Here now is John (also of Fat Quarterly) giving us his Blue Steel and Monica proving that he is in fact, her homeboy. (by the way- go check out that gorgeous quilt on his blog today...)

I have more pictures of people's booths and that will come later (when I find the card reader to this stupid camera with the smallest most obscure memory card ever! Monica let me use her camera which is why I have all of these fun shots) but here is Kate Spain's booth. So pretty- Central Park is her new line and it looks fantastic. If I had to pick one word to describe Kate it would be effervescent. She is warm and bubbly and makes you feel like you have been friends forever. I love this quilt. She quilted around each of the little animals in the border. So sweet.

I just have to show you this- it was made of FELT! The detail blew my mind.
This had to be a high point for me- I found a quilt hanging with Grandma's Pearls in blue in it. It sort of took me by surprise to see my fabric out there in the wild! Isn't that a cute quilt block? It is the work of Pixie Girl Quilts.
Ah the famous Cake Party. That Lizzy House can bake as well as she can design fabric. It was Heavenly! Violet, Beth Dunn, Melissa and Monica. It was such a nice break in a hectic day of trying to see every single booth at Quilt Market! By the way, Melissa has a new line called Swoon and I don't have a photo of the quilts made from of it that they had in the Andover booth but you will have to take my word for it that they are stunning. Beautiful fabric!
Here is the sweet Bari J. She had a booth and it was lovely. I think this was her first time exhibiting and you wouldn't have known she was a booth rookie. We got to visit over dinner Saturday night (friday too, come to think of it!) and she is as sweet as she is lovely.
Last but not least, the amazing Elizabeth. She is the one at the table signing her brilliant new book. If you haven't seen this book yet, it is FANTASTIC! It really is. She is my sewing pal here in town and she is such a wealth of knowledge. And funny too!
I will be back because there is more that I want to share and I have more thoughts I want to put down but right now I have to go get the kids off the bus and walk the dog!!


Sherri said...

What a fun market post! I did the designing/piecing of the Kate Spain quilt with the animals in the wonderful quilter was the one who thought to quilt around each and every the picture you got of it!

Stephanie said...

Looks like so much fun! I've enjoyed everyone's posts from market. What a great opportunity to be able to go!

Jona said...

I was drooling over that bag pattern (I had no idea it was Violet's!). Now I must have it. What a fun post (with all the funnest people)!

RamonaX said...

Thanks for posting ~ looks like a fun event... and so much beautiful work! I love the quilted bag :)

Dogwood said...

Wow, looks like so much fun. Love looking at all you fabulous photos. What fun. Wish I was there!

Have a fun day...

happy zombie said...

That was the best time ever! It went in a way too fast blur, though. I guess we'll just have to do it again!

I'm cracking up over that pic of me, John and Katy. I love that pic, and was trying hard to remember who took it - and then John tweeted that it was a self-portait.

I heart you so much and thank you a million times for being my market-mate! xoxo

Violet Craft said...

Thank you Mo! And you too Jona! That picture of John and Monica is hilarious!!!