Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I finally got some Holiday crafting in and it felt good to scratch that crafting itch. I have other things to do but I just needed to make something holidayish and my sweet Gnoma Clauses from Monica have been whispering to me. I finally got one stuffed and on the mantle. That first cut into that precious panel of Gnomas was hard but now I am on my way. I want the whole row stuffed and perched on my mantle! The wreath above him is something I found on Amber's blog. The first one I made I kept marveling at how on earth could she have made so many of these because the yarn wrapping took forever! But then I finished and had to make another one! And another one! And several wreaths later I don't want to stop. Be warned! I even made a 20" silvery grey with red pink and white roses for Valentines Day. I hadn't intended to craft for Valentines Day yet but it looked so perfect together.

This one I made for my daughter. I just love all of those sweet pink and purple roses. It is hanging on her door now so it is nice to look up the stairs and see it. I didn't want my son to feel left out so I offered to make him one with blue roses and he politely declined. "Ya I'm good Mom". Noted.
We are on a snow day from school though there is little snow to speak of. Just a nice sheen of ice. We are warm and snug. I just made two loaves worth of french toast using Silk Nog (Soy Milk egg nog-so yummy!) we have full bellies and a full freezer too. I hope everyone is having a good fun day today too!


wishes, true and kind said...

Martha Stewart, watch out! Here comes Mo! I love that wreath, but be sure to keep an eye on the gnoma. I hear they can be quite mischievous!


Kristin said...

Beautiful! I am going to have Lola make me one of those wreaths.

Stephanie said...

I saw those wreaths on Amber's blog too, love it! The cream yarn in the back is so pretty :)

Heather said...

put those wreaths on our craft day mama!! i've been drooling over ambers since i saw them! ;)


Yellow Cat Studio said...

Beautiful wreaths! I love the colors!

Dogwood said...

Fabulous and oh so beautiful. I love the colors of you sweet flowers.

Kate at M is for make said...

Hi Mo,

thanks for your email - I tried to reply a couple of times, but they get bounced back, is there any other way to contact you?