Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you think I could get my eight year old to wear this?

I'm kidding- I know she won't because it is just so cute and she has moved past so cute even if I haven't! Hawthorne Threads has this great feature where people can upload photos of things they have made out of a particular fabric so shoppers can see what the fabric would look like all made up. I was perusing the site the other day and found this unbelievably cute set made out of my Lady Dot print from the Soiree colorway. I tracked down Tina the maker of these darling pieces and told her I had to show you. Super cute and so nicely sewn.
I have so enjoyed seeing the things going up on the Party Dress flickr group. If you have anything to share I would love to see it! The kids return to school next week- that was fast! I feel like we have hardly had a summer. I will say that I will get back to more regular posting and will be showing a sneak peek of the new collection sometime very soon. Just fine tuning a few things here and there.
Happy sewing!


Dogwood said...

Love that little baby outfit. So cute. I love looking at the photos of items made out of your wonderful fabrics. Talented peeps.

Anonymous said...

They are even more stunning in real life oxoxox

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I miss the clothing that my now 10 year old girl used to wear. And she's a tomboy which means dresses are a thing of the past.