Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is how I spent my weekend last weekend. It was fantastic. We are coming off some of the wettest weather in years and we got to the beach only two hours away and the sky just opened up and it was blue and warm and wonderful. I needed that! By Sunday it was a monsoon again but a day and a half will tide me over.

Thanks for all the sweet comments! I love getting to share the fabric with people and I wish I had enough for everybody! Here are the winners:

Ginger Ale Shop



Send me your addresses and I will get some fabric in the mail for you!

If you didn't win and still want a crack at some free fabric, go and see Heather at Ala Mode- and wish her a Happy Birthday while you are at it!

Have a Happy weekend everyone!


9patchnurse said...

Just found your blog. Love your fabric!!

Maija said...

How wonderful the weather turned for you!!1

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy your fabric? I Want to make a skirt for my trip to Asia.
Call me

gingeraleshop said...

The package just arrived... *loves* Such gorgeous fabric, Lady. I can't wait to sew with it. :)