Thursday, June 24, 2010


These are some photos of the tide pools we found during our last beach trip. I could spend days just poking around tide pools.
The spring here has been the wettest suckiest spring that I can ever remember. Several rainfall records were broken and people started calling it Juneuary. Waking up every morning to grey skies and cold dampness was very nearly pushing me over the edge. In all honesty I was starting to just feel resentful and sad. Last sunday we had a double header and we sat in the cold drizzle for so long (we are hard core here- if we ran away every time it rained a little we would never get to do anything- the field was fine so we played on) that I was soaked to my underwear! Every layer of clothing I had on, head to toe, was soaking wet. It finally really started to pour so we packed up and went home. June 20th in my wintercoat, soaking wet in a dark gloomy day. Ugh! One of the worst parts is that if you dared to look at the seven day forecast it looked crappy all week too. I think we had 4 days classified as "sunny" from April 21 to June 20. Something happened though and the sun has been coming out. Today was unbelievable- we were outside much of the day including a few hours at the neighborhood pool tonight. We made sandwiches and just hung out. All of the neighbors crawled out from under our rocks and we got to hang out together in the sun and laugh and relax and just soak it all in. I feel 1000 times better. It is crazy to me how far a little sun goes. On the flip side of things my son's baseball team had to practice in the relative heat and they were zonked from it- just not used to it yet. Speaking of baseball, my son made the All Star team for his league so we are all super excited for him. We love baseball! The tradition is that we make pennants for each boy with his name and number and they get hung on the fence at the big tournament. Crafting and baseball and sun- Heaven!
I hope you are sunny in your neck of the woods!


Valerie said...

I know cold and drizzly in June isn't exactly anyone's cup of tea, but after a week with us here in Oklahoma, you might change your mind, if even just a teensy bit. It's been unbearably hot here, so much hotter than a normal June here would be, highs around 97 every day with crazy high humidity. Ugh. Our pool water is already warm like a bathtub, so I am hoping at some point we get a break from it!

Don't you just love the weather. :) Here's wishing you more sunny skies!

Stephanie said...

Absolutely love tidepools. First time I ever visited one was while living in Hawaii. Wish I'd had my camera with me then. No tidepools in Ohio!

one gal's trash said...

Hi Mo!
Beautiful shots of the tidepools and happy belated birthday. The weather this "spring" has just about did me in too. And the 50 degree jump in temperature practically overnight is making me very cranky. As my daughter says:
"Portland; it's either raining or sweltering."

Violet Craft said...

I like your use of the word suckiest. That's exactly what it was!

longge said...
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