Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby mice update

These are not our babies but this is the supreme cuteness we can look forward to. I have to say that I feel like I am living some deep seeded childhood fantasy because I have baby mice in my house. I just always wanted baby animals and tons of pets as a kid. I had a dog and a cat and a bird with a nervous habit of pulling out all his feathers but I wanted more. I also vowed frequently that I would, in fact, eat Freakies for ever meal and not just the once a month or so that we got them. And now they don't even make Freakies anymore. So I guess it feels nice to live out one childhood fantasy. Our babies don't have hair yet but they will get it in the next few days. I am pretty sure they were born on the 31rst of March as we saw them on the 1rst and they looked pretty new. As one neighbor put it, "They look like meat" which they sort of did because they were so darkish pink. Now a few days later, they are still pink but nice lightish pink and they have spots on them indicating where the hair will be black or another color. We only get tiny glimpses at them here and there with a flashlight as they are tightly sequestered inside their nest. The sweet thing about mice is that they are excellent community parents and the two original females have been helping with the mom duties. One lady at work commented "My mice have two mommies" and they do and I think that must be nice to share those responsibilities because if I had to breast feed six new borns all day I would want help too. I say six but it is a guess according to the tiny peeks we have had. We have been reading up on how to sex them so that when the time comes, we can seperate them before we are in this position again. As fun as this is, I don't think we should keep breeding mice. We are going to
keep a baby or two (females) and give the rest to good homes. So that is the update. I can't wait to see our own babies and see what they look like. We might get a feeling for who the mom really is once we see what colors they all are. Oh- I was looking for the mouse picture and this file is "Baby M" so I figured it was the mice but it is my sweet daughter. She is so cute I am leaving it up. Of course she is almost 8 now but still cute! Her baby hair stuck up like that for several months. You couldn't get it to lay down. Then it all fell out eventually and she became a blonde. Her cardiologist called her "Porcuspino" because of her porcupine hair.

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laurie -magpie ethel said...

Glad the mouse family is doing well...what an unexpected surprise. We had an unfortunate experience when I was a kid with gerbils and babies...happy yours is a much better experience!