Monday, March 15, 2010

What do you think?

We came home from dinner on friday night and it was pouring. Big fat raindrops. We ran inside and evidently we were not the only ones who hurried in doors. This chubby fella was just sitting in the entry way. He must have hopped in after me. I am so glad none of us stepped on him. We are a very froggy neighborhood and once spring hits we will see frogs every single day. The kid played with him for awhile and he hopped all around and they, of course, loved it. My husband and kids wanted to keep him so they put him in a deep glass jar. Here is my question: Do you think we should keep critters like that? I have no problem with the kids enjoying them outside and, like I said, we will have plenty to play with outside in a month's time, but this guys got all sorts of hair and fluff stuck to him and I just really feel like if I were a frog, I would so much more want to be outside than in a jar for some kids to occasionally play with. I was out voted so he stayed. Until he outsmarted the rest of my family and started making such a racket chirping in his vase that he was set free. Am I being silly? It's spring- don't you think he has a lady friend to find? How do you handle these types of things? I was further reinforced in my thinking when my daughter exclaimed yesterday, while looking at the slugs she had been keeping in a jar, "Mom! They shrunk!". No honey, they dried out and died. That would make me sad if that happened to that frog.
On another note, we had an all school fundraiser at the roller rink the other night. ROLLER SKATING IS AWESOME! I had completely forgotten. I could go again tonight. Though I do hurt where I fell but I had friends there to pick me up off the floor. And it really was so much fun. I used to spend hours in my garage skating in cirlces with Grease on my light blue record player. And Xanadu. Good times. May be time to really ressurect that past time!
On one more note, how good is the Liberty stuff at Target?! My daughter is going to be looking good because those dresses are so cute I could hardly stand it. She got lots of Liberty and is now a convert. I loved it all and bought too much. I did not get the bike though.


Valerie said...

Oh, Mo! Did you read about my love for rollerskating on my blog last week? I am right there with you! We need to have a rollerskating girl's night...cross-country, I guess, haha.

And oh, Liberty. I ordered a ton of clothes online (too freaked about how I would behave if I actually went to the store, haha), and yes, yes, yes, I ORDERED A BIKE! (Again, reference my blog.) Oh, how I cannot wait!

Stephanie said...

I too love rollerskating!!!! I even still have my own skates and they sit in my room. I wish I could go skating with you!!! And yes, I would have freed the frog too, he needs to live and frolic with all the other frogs:)

Maija said...

Icky thing!!

Jill Bagley said...

MO!!! what happened? you didnt get the bike? you were so excited about the bike. hmmm, well, maybe you were not expecting all the other stuff to be so dang cute.
i saw the dishes the other day, and was smitten. they are melamine, and soooo impractical. and i sort of hate melamine, because it chips, and cracks in the dishwasher. but man o man, i need me some liberty of london melamine dishes. they are black and white with yellow how cute!!
and as for the frog. how come i dont get no frogs??? if i would have, i would have jumped on the opportunity to keep him for a few days then release him. its a free pet for a little while. ha ha !!