Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just a few more days until Liberty hits Target! I am so jonesing that Beach Crusier in this print. Should I ? Shouldn't I? I just can't decide. Wouldn't it be so fun to ride around town on your own Liberty of London beach crusier? With a big wicker basket on the front of it? I am hoping they have table linens. That would be the best. Because even though it is cold and pouring today the sun will come out soon and I will want to eat outside as much as possible. And eating outside on Liberty linens would make it even that much better.


Stephanie said...

I want to ride around town on a beach cruiser, with a basket on the front!!!

Kristen said...

I'm afraid that if they do have table linens I'll repourpose them into a quilt or something. I'm scissor happy like that! Sure would be a relatively inexpensive way to score some Liberty yardage! =D

madelia said...

yes i have a beach cruiser just need the basket. I love riding my cruiser.
Now is liberty available in all targets?
Love the print.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I saw Target had Liberty stuff yesterday when I got an ad in my email. I've got to go!!