Sunday, March 28, 2010

New friends!

The kids have been wanting more pets. We have our dog and he is the best but you know how kids are. My husband was steering them towards fish and we went to look at fish one day and they saw the mice and it was love at first sight.
Here they are playing in the (pink!) bathtub while there cage gets cleaned. We have a glass aquarium which provides a good view on their goings on. They are not strictly nocturnal as they have several active periods through the day which are really fun to watch. The brown one is my diaghters and she named him Maple.

This little white one is my son's and he named her nibbles. Thankfully she doesn't nibble on us. They are surprisingly tame and holdable given their place on the food chain- you would think they would be more cautious!

They are very very active though- tough to get a good picture of! Look at those tiny feet. I have to say I am also really enjoying the new pets.

I can't believe spring break is over today. Off to school and work tomorrow. Ack! I am excited though because the countertops for the kitchen come thursday. With any luck the backsplash will get tiled soon and then we will finally have a kitchen put back together and usable! And pretty! I can't wait to show you pictures! Have a happy week!


Stephanie said...

Eek mice! I'm not a big fan of mice, but hey they seem fun :) I do love their names though, almost makes me like them, hahahaha Sorry Maple and Nibbles :)

Bridal registry said...

I do like mice especially those white ones. Hamsters are also so cute.