Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Measure twice order once

I looooove this fireplace. It is covered in beautiful hakatai ashland e recycled glass tile. (find it here: http://www.hakatai.com/) and pretty soon our backsplash in the kitchen will be covered in it too. Only a green version. Palmetto Green which is a beautiful springy translucent green. It was up to me to measure the space we needed to cover. It shouldn't have been difficult but somehow I ordered twice the tile I need. That was a costly mistake. I felt better though when my husband came home from the tile floor with about 100 extra square feet of bathroom floor tile. So what we learned was we should measure twice (or three times...) and then order. Did I mention that my son is in the special math class at school? He is wicked smart- a mathlete. Not sure where that came from. Next time I will make him measure for the tile. Thankfully the floor tile can go back and we will probably be able to use the excess glass tile in the laundry room. That is going to be a nice fancy laundry room. Here are some other things I have learned during this remodel.
1. It really does cost more than you think it will. We got an asbestos surprise, had to replace cabinets we hadn't counted on, and the "scope creep" is dangerous. Well if we are going to change that door, we might as well do them all... That type of crap.
2. It is hard to have someone in your house every day. Even if the are the nicest people (which they really are) it still cramps my style when I can't ,say, sing out loud (and I mean loud) to the dog whenever I feel like it. Though you would think I would have stopped that after the day I was screaming, I mean singing "Born Free" (which I do not know the words too) to the dog and walked by the front door where two Jehova's witnesses were peering in to see what that horrible noise was. Nope. Still like to sing loud. Plus they have been working on the bathroom under our bathroom upstairs and I feel like they can hear every single thing that goes on above their heads. If you *ahem* know what I mean. Akward!
3.You can do fine with a microwave and toaster oven but if you don't have a sink, you are screwed. Those first couple of weeks I put the random dishes we needed to use in the bathtub to await the day we would have a place to wash them. It looks horrible and makes me a little nervous that if child protective services dropped by they might decide this is not a house fit for kids. The mess is crazy!
4. I have really nice friends. Really nice friends who are really good cooks. We have had several nice nights out at friend's homes and one friend showed up at Dodgeball with a bag full of burrito fixins. My friends are the best!
5.When you remodel, odds are good that you will get some of the most awesome cardboard boxes. We got a particularly large one and my daughter and her friend were gussie-ing it up and playing inside. I commented what a great fort they were making and was corrected and told it was not a fort but a British Tea House. Awesome.
6. Dry rot spreads a lot slower than you might think.
7.It really is worth it when it is all done. We had the ickiest bath/laundryroom downstairs that had fallen prey to a leaking shower (that leaked for some time into the wall without being detected) and the dry rot and accompanying musty smell were icky. Plus nothing had been done since 1962. It looks and smells worlds better now and the nightmares where the house implodes from the rot have all but gone away. I can hardly wait to have the kitchen finished (though we are a few weeks off yet). I am excited to bake again!

So before you know it I am going to be posting before and after photos. Can't wait!!
Edit: to clarify, the gorgeous fireplace does not live in my house though I would love it if it did! It is a photo from Hakatai of the tile we are going to use in our kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am going to look at the tile for some projects we are thinking about. I can have you come over and measure for me.
Can't wait to see the whole finished project.

Valerie said...

OH, gorgeous-ness! That tile is stunning! Mistakes or no mistakes in the ordering, at least you ended up with a beauty of a fireplace. :)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

glad the project is chugging along and can't wait to see the finished results. My son is the same as your son - a mathlete...and he also did not get it from me. I am very thankful that he can help his sister with her math questions. Also know what you mean about having workers in your space - cramps ones style during the day!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see your before and after photos. I love that you sing loudly to the dog :)

Paula Prass said...

Oh you must have measured twice and added the numbers, huh?

Everything you described is right on. Not only am I an interior designer but we gutted our own kitchen (kookoo). Everything went wrong, including my husband having emergency surgery.

It will all be beautiful and you will be all the wiser and happier that you did it yourself!

Lori said...

Yay!!! I love home projects and I'm itchin' to get going on one here. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen and fancy laundry room. I LOVE that tile!!... I wonder it I can work it in here somewhere.

Jill Bagley said...

oh, im still so jealous that you get a new kitchen. you deserve it!! i love that fireplace. looks amazing.
your tile has inspired me to look for tiles.
i found some amazing ones on that website.
they are like mini-subway tiles that are gray and streaky. so pretty for my backsplash in my kitchen.

cant believe paula prass is following.
you are awesome@!!!

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