Saturday, January 16, 2010

Party Favors!

I just wrapped up my two days hanging out at the lovely Pine Needle and I had such a great time! I met lots of people and got to hear some great feedback on Party Dress. It was a nice way to spend a couple of days. I made up some postcards to hand out and I ordered a ton so I have some left over. If anyone wants to have a couple, I would be happy to put them in the mail. Just leave a comment or email me (mobedatcomcastdotnet)with your address and I will get them in the mail. Just a little party favor!
Tomorrow is the Lego Robotics State Tournament which we are pretty excited for! I help the team and our head coach has family in town so I am stepping in and have to be there at 7:45. Ugh! Truth be told we didn't expect to be going to State so it should be a good time. A good chaotic time but fun none the less. I will be so ready for Monday to sleep in and have a fun day with the kids. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!
I am working on Valentines Day printable Valentines to share because I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!! Keep your eyes peeled for those!


sweeter than cupcakes said...

Can't wait to see your fabric hit the shelves. It looks fantastic. I'd love some of the paper versions.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

DANG...i was going to pop by and say hi and it totally fell off my radar. I am a bum! Send me a card to pin to my studio wall - do you still have my address?
Have fun at the Robotics competition tomorrow - hope the team does well!

Michelle said...

I would love some paper versions as well! They are beautiful! When will us non-locals get to see the fabric?

Stephanie said...

Best of luck at the competition! Have a great time!

Maija said...

'd love a little party favor!
Maija Lepore
333 E Wildwood Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Good luck in the competition!!

Anonymous said...

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