Monday, September 14, 2009

Like little quilts

I showed my 10 year old son all of these and he said, "I love those- they are like little quilts" which I though was very sweet for a ten year old boy to say. All that lavender has been going to good use around here.
My Granny was in town this weekend which I always love and when she comes we have dinner one night with a couple of her friends who are fantasticly wonderful company. I wanted to take a little something over to them (and Granny) so I made lavender sachets for all the women in attendance that night.
I like this one the best.

My sister is a mushroom type of girl and she got one too.

Mom and Granny like red and I love that center print. I believe it is out of print and I use it one little bit at a time to stretch it out.
I also made eye pillows for the kids and one for a friend. I made one for my daughter but already can't find it. I can follow the smell and I will find it though because they are very strong smelling right now. I mixed the lavender we got from the neighbor's bush with flax seed and that is what I put in all of these little treats. I still have a ton of lavender left so I am sure I will make more of these. They are sort of addicting. I have a very nice neighbor lady who is one of the hardest working Moms I know so I think I am going to leave her an eye pillow and a note from a secret admirer. She deserves a treat.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Cute little project and great fabric choices. Do leave one for your neighbor...those unexpected gestures mean the most and she will be thrilled. Not only will she feel good, but so will you.

Stephanie said...

I love these!!! So pretty, they are like sweet little quilts. How cool would it be to have a whole quilt filled with lavendar, mmmm...would definitely bring sweet dreams!! :)

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