Sunday, August 23, 2009


It has been so long since we have been to a wedding and this one was just perfect. It also was a nice excuse to make another shirred dress for my daughter. I did a little velvet ribbon halter tie but I am going to rip that out today and put on wide shirred straps so she can wear it to school. Straps have to be three fingers wide- what the principal calls ravioli straps. It doesn't even seem that dirty today considering she was perched like this at the edge of the pond for most of the evening. If you held your hand in the water, tiny fish would come and swim all over it. Plus there were frogs and other fun pond dwellers to check out. I was sure one of the kids would fall in but thankfully no one did! The wedding was at an herb farm and the setting could not have been lovlier.

The bride had requested I make her an apron because, as you can see, she loves tacos and the mexican food at the wedding was amazing. She had lived in Amsterdam for the last couple of years where, despite all the other good things to eat, no good mexican. Everybody loved the food. It was all cooked to order and very fresh and yummy. I made the Amy Butler Split Bodice Domestic Goddess Apron. I went together quickly and easily though I am not used to 1/2 " seam allowances. I fudged a little on that because it just felt like too much. Is that just me or does that seem like too much? Plus it did not take anywhere near the fabric it asked for so she is getting napkins to match.

Check out these amazing lilies. The submerged bud looked so incredible to me- I didn't know they started out that way. It looked so mystical and magical with all the layers of things growing under the water. I really want a pond now. I already wanted one but that clinched it for me. I am sure that all of our frogs in our backyard would also love for me to put in a pond.

They had a bunch of baked pies instead of cake. The whole evening had a really nice feel to it- the sunset was beautiful and there was tons of planted lavender and it smelled so good. One note on the shirred dress- I tried to make it out of a lightweight almost voile type cotton and the elastic was just too powerful for it. It did not work at all so I would stick with the quilter weight cotton.


Stephanie said...

The wedding sounds lovely! The photos of the pond are gorgeous!! And the dress for your daughter so sweet:)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

What a fun wedding. I love how weddings are so much more untraditional than when I was getting married. I almost want a do-over! Love that you made napkins with the extra fabric...clever gift!

Valerie said...

I love the apron for the bride -- a fun idea! We, too, had Mexican food at our wedding 7 years ago simply because I wanted delicious food that everyone would enjoy. It was so good that my mom ordered the exact same menu last weekend for her 60th birthday party, and 7 years later, just as delicious. Super cute dress for your daughter as well -- way to go on all of your sewing!

Lori said...

Gorgeous water lilies.... I have given up on the pond/water feature. The lilies need so much sun and the surrounding trees keep growing and shading it out... and a water feature is not an easy item to move... which is why it is rather filled in and full of yellow iris... hmmm.... that's another project.

one gal's trash said...

Hey Mo,
Wonderful shots of the wedding day. How great that the bride wore a button that said I (heart) tacos.
I have a Quimper story too. I found a piece somewhere and sold it for $5.00. Had no idea what Quimper was. Good Luck with your pond, your frogs will be so happy!