Sunday, August 9, 2009

More of that fabric that I love

I really do love that fabric- plus I have a lot of it. I am loving this idea- I wanted to do a lampshade but didn't want to commit (and I was in a hurry!) so I fused medium weight interfacing onto the fabric, wrapped it around the lampshade and velcroed it in place. It was a decent solution, if I do say so myself, for a very fickle girl. I am going to look for some of those really strong magnets and glue some vintage MOP buttons on and do another one in another fabric and magnet it in place.
My daughter really wanted a new apron so I made this for her. I had that sweet vintage lace in my stash and I think it worked out quite nicely. She loves it and that's what counts.
I had about an half hour to myself for the first time since school let out. I really wanted to sew a pillow so I cranked this baby out. I turned it to put the pillow in and OOPS...
Sewed the back on inside out. I thought for about a half a minute about ripping it out to stitch on properly but I decided I liked the washed out look of it so it is staying the way it is. I would rather have it on my couch being used than on my pile of projects to mend until I get another bit of time to myself!


urban craft said...

I am all about aprons, yours is lovely. If I could only get these other projects out to way so I can start on my own.

longge said...

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