Monday, August 31, 2009

It's not too early...

We are big gift makers here for the hoildays. We make a ton of the gifts we give and the kids really get into it. Our sweet neighbor needed some help deadheading his gorgeous yard so I volunteered for the lavender and was able to take home all the faded flowers. I have two big buckets as it was a large plant. I put the buckets in our entryway and it smells wonderful in here. I spread them out on a big sheet today to dry them a bit and get the lavender buds off. We are going to make schets and eye pillows depending on how much we get. I think I will use the sheet on my bed afterwards so I can sleep in all that nice smell. Though on second thought it might give me a rash so maybe not!
Here is about two thirds of it. I have other ideas too- I think we can get vintage containers and fill them with wax for candles. Everyone uses candles so it is practical and nice to get. I also think I am going to hold a little one day craftravaganza for some neighborhood kids so they can make gifts too. You realize after awhile that not everyone crafts the way you do in your own house and I have supplies up the ying yang so it would be a good way to use some of them up.
Edited: We left for a few hours and the smell when we walked in the door was overwhelming! My son declared that we will be eating somewhere else tonight because of the smell!


Stephanie said...

That must smell wonderful!!! I love the eye pillow and candle ideas, can't wait to see how they turn out.

Beth said...

Oh what a bounty of lavendar! You can always send extra my way :P
I lvoe that you plan to invlove the neighborhood kids in making some crafts, so considerate of you!