Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It is that easy

I, of course, couldn't find my "Weekend Sewing" book but I watched the link on Martha's website and followed it from there. There were a couple of comments on the link that made it sound like the tension was tricky to figure out on this. Plus, it just looks so cute to be that easy. But it was. It sewed up like a dream and did everything Heather said it would on the video. In fact, If I didn't spend all that time looking for the book and my tape measure, it would have been done in a flash. (note to self: buy more tape measures- the kids like to walk of with them but what are they doing with them?) This one is for a little friend turning four today. Her whole world is pink so I thought this was a good choice. My daughter will be getting a couple this week too. We have a casual outdoor wedding to go to so I am going to make her one for that out of the cutest fabric that has lived in my stash two or three summers now.
Here it is hanging in the cucumber patch. Hope she likes it!


Stephanie said...

I tried making this dress and yes if I could figure out what I'm doing wrong it would've been done in a flash. I hand wound the bobbin like she says to do but when I finished sewing the elastic thread in it looked awesome but I stretched it the tiniest bit and the elastic started breaking. I took it out and retried twice, each time I had the same problem. The only thought I have is that maybe I am not suppose to backstitch but I thought she said to make sure you do. I don't know, any ideas what I might be doing wrong? If I could figure this out it will be the perfect go to pattern for a little girl gift.

Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Jennifer said...

Mo!!!!!!loving this dress what a lovely surprise!!!