Friday, May 1, 2009

Quality not Quantity

There haven't been a ton of sales but I hit one today that was a great one so I would rather have one good sale over 5 mediocre sales anyday. Here's my haul. The great thing about this sale was that the prices were very fair. Also, there was a little room off the garage that smelled just like the way my Grandma's garage smelled and it was a nice scent memory for sure. How cute is that little wall pocket. It is stamped "made in Japan" and has a nice opaly luster to it. The other great thing is that I found the pressure cooker for my father in law that he has been looking for for awhile. It is in unused condition though it must be many years old.
I love finding things on my list. I walked by these on my way to taking photos and thought you should see these too. So beautiful and everytime I walk by the smell is heavenly!
This is actually from a sale a few weeks ago. I love little shell treasures and this little dish is great.
We need to have a fondue party and now we can. The little embroidery is so sweet and the sheet package has never been opened. So cute.
These might be my favorites. They are brand new (but old) and something about those colors feels like birthday cake to me. Things will be half price tomorrow so I may go back and see if the awesome enamel pin set is still there. It was $22 which seemed high but it was in great shape. Hope everyone else found good sales today!


Kim G. said...

What a fun wall pocket, and I love your "birthday cake-ish" hankies!

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