Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love this stuff

I have always been a sucker for any sort of festive baked good. When I was little, our neighbor worked for a company that made (imported?) all the stuff you would ever need for baking including all the fantastic little toppers. Sometimes he would take his daughter and I to the warehouse and we could look around the floor, under all the shelves for little plastic treats that had gotten lost and he would let us keep them. For this last bday my daughter wanted dog toppers and I found them on etsy at Bake it Pretty. I
I also go the gorgeous pink cupcake papers and a whole bunch of other fun plastic toppers for birthdays to come. The sugar I got locally and it was so sparkly- the photo doesn't do it justice but it had gold irridescent sparkle to it. The recipe came from The Cake Book and they were so yummy.

I have a few in the freezer- might have to go bust one out!


Valerie said...

I think those have to be the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! I might have to go order me some of toppers now, and some of that sugar!

Kim G. said...

This post is yummy! I love Bake It Pretty, such fun stuff! Great job on the cupcakes!!

laurie magpie ethel said...

Cupcakes are probably my favorite dessert. I was at the decorette shop (have you ever been there - great stuff) just browsing with no occasion in mind. Love the dogs

one gal's trash said...

Your cupcakes are just gorgeous. Oh so very little-girl-birthday-party-esque!