Monday, March 2, 2009

Five years!

Five years ago today, my little peanut had her open heart surgery. This is a photo of her in the room you wait in just before surgery. For her, at alomost two years old, she thought it was just a play room. For us, waiting in that room for the Doctor to come and take her away to surgery was one of the hardest parts of the day. Not that there were easy parts that day. (You can read more here if you like.) I will always be thankful that she was fixable and I will always be thankful for the perspective having a child with health issues gives you. This year to commemorate, we took toys in to the hospital and will be dining at Cheesecake Factory per her request. (Nothing says Healthy Heart like eating at the Cheescake Factory!) Also I am having a bake sale at work with the rest of my dept. and the money will go to the children's hospital where she had her surgery. I made another batch of caramels and took them in for fun and had people asking me to bring them in again and they would pay so that inpsired the bake sale idea. Should be fun. Plus I got the pr department to match us in clothing donations (I work at a sportwear company) so those will go to the school distric's clothes closet for kids in need. Win Win.
I haven't forgotten about the Creative Challenge so those will be posted in the next day or two. Happy March 2nd everyone!


one gal's trash said...

Hey Mo,
Nice to hear from you. Your little girl looks so sweet. My nephew had 3 open heart surgeries before his 5th birthday. He's doing fine now, and I'm glad to hear your daughter is too. Thought I might do some gardening today, but will stay inside and "roll around in glitter."

Lori said...

I cannot believe that it has been 5 years!!!... and I also cannot believe that little, tiny thing in the picture is Miss M.

vfg said...

Amen. Marian's transplant 1 year is coming up next month :)
Glad you found good ways to celebrate.

Maija said...

Happy Day!!! It's so wonderful your sweet girl is all better!

Kristina said...

I stumbled here from Angry Chicken. I have to say, I really love your banner. Did you make the stamps yourself?

Sweetfern Handmade

Paula Prass said...

What a special post. Isn't it amazing how we can turn our difficult times into blessings? You have compassion because of your personal pain. Beautiful.