Sunday, February 15, 2009

So yummy!

We decided against doing Valentine gifts this year but I figured that didn't mean I couldn't make him something. He loves those salted caramels so I figured I would give it a go. I used this recipe and figured I could probably handle it though candy making is not usually my strength. My first recommendation would be to invest in a good candy thermometer, which I do not have. Mine has a funny dimple mid way up that serves as the spot that takes the temperature. Great if you have a nice big deep pot of something or other but my caramel goo was too shallow. Because of this I didn't get an accurate read the first time and the stuff turned into a brick of hard candy. Fine if you have no fillings, or teeth for that matter, but we do so I chucked it and started over. Another frustration was that I could not get my parchment to fit and stay put nicely in my pan. I tried to tape it on the bottom but the tape would not stick to parchment (which I guess is the whole point of using parchment). I ended up smearing butter on the sides of the pans and the overflow parchment stuck to it like a charm.
My second try I slowed down and kept the temp as low as I could while still simmering and then tipping the pot to imerse the dimple in the goo until I got the proper read. It worked! After they were cool I used kitchen shears to cut them into rectangles then covered them in the darkest chocolate and sprinkled them with fleur de sel. I over heated my chocolate initially so it was really runny but it worked ok. We just got new burners for the stove so I am going to go ahead and blame my overheating of things on that. They were amazing! I say were because they did not last long. I left some undipped because my hubby requested it but the chocolate ones were yummier to me. But they were for him so next time I will cover them all! And there will be a next time. Probably sooner than later...

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kristinroberts said...

Oh my goodness. Yum. I think I may actually leave the house today for the sole purpose of getting ingredients and a candy thermometer....I think I need to eat these Right About Now... :)