Monday, January 19, 2009

So I was thinking...

So I was going through some really old blog entries last night, thinking about those early days of my blogging. What it was like when I dicovered this great world. All of the great people and inspiration. I loved doing things like back tack and whip lash and all sorts of swaps. Those type of things always facillitated fun projects and new perspectives. I liked the theme or assignment aspect of them. Now a days I feel like those times are farther and fewer between. And as much as I enjoy a good swap, sometimes I want to be challenged to make something and give it to someone locally or just hang it up in my house. And I like the thought of getting ideas from other people centered around a central theme. So I thought, why not try to get a group together to have a theme every month and see what comes of it? I don't know if I am explaining this very well, but this is what I am proposing: Every month we can have a theme. Because January is almost over (thankfully! It is so cold!!) we can spend the next ten days signing up and get the theme going on Feb 1. I think for February, I propose the theme to be Gifts for Children. I, for one, know there are many spring and summer birthdays coming (and new babies!)and I would love to get started on gifts for my friends and get ideas from others as to other gifts. Once you complete your project, post it on your blog, send me a link and I will make sure everyone gets access to all the goodies. Maybe, if it is a small group, I will post the list here, or if it gets to be a larger group, I will set up a blog for it. For this month the theme will remain broad but some months it would be fun to have an assingment like, "use wood and fabric, three buttons, and a glue stick and see what happens" Not that literally, but a set of constraints to work within. If you would like to sign up, please send theme ideas for future months. Any one game? If so, here are the guidlines one more time:
Monthly creative challenge!
1. email me at to let me know you are in. I will need your email address and any ideas you have for future themes. Once I have a list we can vote on them. Plus, if you have cute name ideas that sound better than "monthly creative challenge" feel free to email those as well.
February's challenge:
Handmade gifts for children
Once you have your project completed, email me the link and I will make sure to get them together for eveyone's perusal.
I want this to be fun and no pressure. No deadlines to get packages mailed, no, "I hate that theme I don't want to do it" Just drop in when you want and skip the ones that come at busy times or that really don't inspire. So let the playing begin!
P.S. if anyone is curious, that adorable heart up there is from the Martha Stewart Valentine stuff at Michaels. The yarn is going to be a scarf sometime this week!


pumpkin seed said...

sounds like fun! The only thing im not clear on is do we send out our project and swap with someone or do we just feature it on the blog???

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hi Mo! Thanks so much for your blog visit and comment on my new cabinet! Whatever would I do without that Bill?

Your new challenge sounds wonderful. Best of luck with it!

Please keep in touch---

Geek+Nerd said...

Hi there - I was just doing some major catching up on my feed reader, and this post caught my eye. I'm doing a similar project with the goal of crafting for the winter holidays. Also, as an added bonus, each month that you participate gets you entered in a raffle to win something fun. I thought you might be interested:

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