Saturday, January 10, 2009

More gifts

Here are a couple more gifts I made for the holidays. The above is from the same Martha Stewart issue with the vintage state bird embroidery patterns that I used for this. I think the patterns are so great. My sister is redoing her bedroom magenta and navy so I thought this would be good.

What do you make a 70 something man who doesn't really want anything and is someone who might not particularly appreciate craftiness? A big old heating pad cover. He was a scuba diver back in the day so I felt the fish would be good. Practical and snazzy.

These fabrics would make a cute quilt for a wee one. Great colors.
We went out to a party last night with the whole family and it was so great to see friends we hadn't seen in over a year. Sort of sad since we all live relatively close to each other. But one of my resolutions it to reconnect with certain folks so that ball is rolling.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I am going to make a heating pad cover myself this week. My kids lost the crappy fake flannel one that comes with it so I've been using a pillow case and that does NOT work. Good job.

babybug said...

the heating pad cover made me giggle. it's such a good idea!!! my grampa whose 82 (i think) could use one of those.