Saturday, January 3, 2009

Isn't it beautiful?

No more water! This is a photo of our furnace pit. (that big black tube is from the wet dry vac). We live in a 60's tri level and the furnace is in a little pit in a closet on the first floor. It has been a tiring week and after we got the kids in bed on Thursday night, we finally sat down to watch a movie. About a half hour into it, the furnace popped on and sounded especially loud and a little weird. I reluctantly got up off my cozy spot on the couch and opened the door to the furnace closet. Nothing looked amiss but then I turned on the light and doscovered it was sitting in about 9 inches of water-almost to the top of the sticker. Not a good idea for a furnace. The filter was partially submerged and that was probably what made all the racket. I yelled at my husband what was happening, and after a brief scene that looked a litle three stooges with us running around trying to figure out what to do, we got the furnace turned off and started bailing. We have only had that furnace for three years and it was not cheap so I had bad thoughts of money flying out the window. We finally hit the hay at 3:00 a.m. because as we bailed, it kept refilling. It finally stopped raining so the water slowed down and we could go to sleep. The next morning we had our neighbor Bob over to help us figure out a plan. Everyone should have a neighbor Bob. Not only does he look like Santa, he is sweet and generous with his time and a hoot to boot. He told us that we were the third house he had been to. The jist of it is that we had 18 inches of snow that melted over the period of about 36 hours follwed by a day where it rained 3 inches total in 24 hours. We have had a break now in the rain and things are drying up nicely. I hope the break will be long enough to give the ground some room for the next rain. Plus the heat is back on and that is nice. Bob got some bread pudding for his help and I only hope he likes it as much as my fudge which he- don't tell his wife and daughter- hid in the garage so he didn't have to share!
Later that day we found out bad health news for another wonderful neighbor and a friend called and told me her husband had been laid off. Four kids and no severance. 2009 will need to start trying a little harder! It is a good reminder though to be happy and thankful for what you have.


Paula Prass said...

hey, just wanted to send a little encouragement your way. We live in a 70's home and we also feel uneasy to just relax. Seems as soon as we are still we hear noises. However, we put in all in perspective, don't we? Just this week we have been running to and fro for repairs or calling for repairs. Need a vacation from vacation, huh? Love ya and keep up the posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Bob! Everyone should have one.


Maija said...

Oh Mo! What a disaster that could have been!

Anonymous said...

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