Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's official!

It is officially the opening of the holiday season! I am one of those people who likes to get my craft on as early as possible so that the gifities can be done in time to sit back and listen to Christmas music and bake cookies with the kids. I am making a lot of stuff this year especially because I figure you need to put your money where your mouth is and I complain a lot about the ridiculousness of the holidays where the material aspects are concerned. I did some shopping over at Heifer International the other day so that should help too. So everyone gets something hand sewn and some sort of furry creature in their name. I will post things as they finish in case other peeps are looking to make all their gifts as well. (I know you are out there!) If anyone has good ideas, pass them along. Here is a good one in case you are itching to get something done right now like me: I found some great flour sack towels at Target the other day, a pack of 6 for 6 bucks. I am edging them in beautiful fabrics and may embroider a few. Its cute, it's practical and the embroidery part is portable.
I am also happy to see Halloween out of the way because as much fun as it can be, all the over the top gross scary "decorations" all over town and the slutty costumes they expect little girls to wear, get on my nerves. How nice it is to drive down the street without having to look at the neighbors lifelike (is that an oxymoron?) zombie head lashed to the cross in his yard with blood all over it and vacant eyes. Bring on the Christmas lights!
The little table above I found at an Estate sale I almost didn't go to last weekend. They wanted $48 but it was sunday so I bid $20 and got it. I love it! I bid low because I wasn't sure if I would like it as much as I ended up liking it so I am glad my lowball paid off. The light goes through it so it doesn't feel heavy and it is just cute to boot. I also got a long coveted copy of the Tricia Guild Pattern book and I just drool over all the pages. It is so so beautiful- all that color and texture. They have them at Anthropologie right now but I got mine for $3. I had to laugh the other day when I looked through my house and realized how much of it is second hand. I think I will do a photo tour one day because there are some fun pieces. Happy November 2nd!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I never thought of Heifer for gifts! Thank you!
And I'm with you on the slutty costumes for girls.....My pet peeve is how some women use Halloween to vamp up some how.
Love the table!

Kim G. said...

Bring on the the Christmas lights indeed!! Audrey was a goose for Halloween and I think other than a few fairy princesses and a Buzz Lightyear she may have been one of the only "innocent" costumes in town!!

one gal's trash said...

Love your idea about the second hand house tour. I have done that at my house with friends and am shocked at how many times I hear myself say: "And that was a dollar.." Plus, my overall design concept is Early 20th Century French Brothel which is always fun.
Couldn't agree with you more on the euphoria of Election night!
Bye for now,