Monday, September 1, 2008

SO Great!!

Wow! It really is as great as I always thought it would be. All of us, eating dairy products, not having to think about every single little thing that goes into my little guy's mouth. For starters we had pizza on thursday night with my folks. He dug right in and loved it as much as he (and I ) thought he would. My Dad stopped at See's candy on the way to pizza to get him a piece of their really great chocolate and his sister (who had been hanging out with Nana for the duration of the 2 hour appointment with the allergist) brought him m&m's. You can't even imagine the absolute giddiness this kid has been radiating since we got the news. On friday he had his first donut (a maple bar- LOVED it!) macaroni and cheese (didn't love)and grilled cheese sandwiches (yum!). Saturday we had more pizza and a friend brought over three boxes (!!) of Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. I love how responsive everyone has been to the news- people bringing over their idea of what really good thing he has missed out on like See's candy and Dilly Bars! Sunday we had Starbucks hot chocolate and another donut. I wish I would have weighed him before all this to see how much the dairy will affect him. He is a ribby little thing but so was his Dad back in the day so it's hard to say if it had any impact on him, going without. And this morning I whipped him up that Dutch Baby up there (big hit!). We used to have them growing up but I have not ever made them because they have milk in them. He loved it. I told my husband what I was making and he hadn't heard of them. Then he took one look at it and said, "Looks like Yorkshire Pudding", which it basically is. His Mom was English so she would make a savory version with bangers (sausages) in it and it was called Toad in the Hole. This one is made with butter instead of bacon fat and then you put lemon juice and powdered sugar on it- so yummy! So as you can see we are really really enjoying this whole new world. My son looked at me yesterday and said, Halloween is going to be so great this year!!" - it's the little moments like that where I or he realizes that this thing that used to be a drag is not a drag anymore and he can do what the other kids do. Usually he comes home on Halloween night with a big bucket of candy and after sorting out all the stuff he is allergic to, he has some skittles and some starburst and atleast 3/4 of it he has to get rid of. I usually buy candy that he can eat to give out and then save some for him for when he gets home but this year he gets all his chocolate unless it has tree nuts in it. He can eat peanuts so he is in good shape! Ahhhhh, it was a really good weekend!

Here is a painting I found at an estate sale. On the back the artist wrote who she got both the shell and the flower from. It was painted in 71 or 72. I think it is really sweet.
So I hope everyone has a really great first week of school. Unless you have already gone back and in that case have a good second or third or fourth week of school!


Valerie said...

Although he had to go without so many great-tasting foods for so long, in some ways he is a very lucky little guy, to be able to really enjoy all these new foods at the perfect age and not take advantage of them (just yet) like the rest of us. I can only imagine how much fun he is having right now!

Congrats to all of you!

Lori said...

Halloween is going to be AWESOME this year for the L-man!!!!
I love the picture too... you will always be the Yard Sale Goddess.

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