Thursday, September 18, 2008


So everyone is settling in at school and we are easing into our routine. Hubby started a new job on monday so it is adding to the changes around here. One of my favorite things about the school year starting is the first friday in September is the annual rummage sale at the Senior Center and it is always fabulous. I thought the vase and candlesticks up above are perfect for Halloween. They are black amethyst glass and I got all 3 for $12 which seemed great. I am going to glitter up a pair of tapers for the candlestick holders and fill the vase with something white. I love the way the Limelight Hydrangeas look in it though. That is my very favorite hydrangea. My husband actually mowed over one of mine because it seemed a good plan- to take a high power mower to a few "weeds". Needless to say he felt terrible and redeemed himself by bringing me home another Limelight hydrangea. Well, that one he mowed over came back so now I have two!
I love the way this little vase looks like hard candy. It is a bit halloweenie too. Funny because I usually don't go for halloween decorations. On the back of this painting there is a little tag from a fair or something similar where the artist showed it in Alaska in 1978. The dog's name is Lucky. I fell in love and for $4 it was too good to pass up. He sort of looks a little like a black version on Dusty.
I have more to share but I need to hit the hay. I have a fun project I am getting excited to finish so hopefully that will happen this weekend. Hope it is a great one!

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