Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doll Quilt

I was bit by the doll quilt bug last spring. There were so many great ones out in blogland and it seemed like the right size project. I added some embroidery from a pattern I got at The Pattern Bee. I got it all embroidered and then put it away until a couple of weeks ago. I had looked at it from time to time and thought, I really need to finish that. I am happy to say that it is finally finished, and I am pretty happy with it to boot. I have some special plans for this so stay tuned and I will tell you just what the plans are in a day or two.
Here it is all finished and hanging in the trees. The fabrics are all hand picked from my stash of favorites. Some I have had a long time and have not wanted to cut into- it was a nice way to use some without using too much. Some are from a friend who brought them back from Hong Kong for me. Lots of sweet little prints. I am really happy with all the colors.

Here is one more detail of some embroidery. It could have been a bit darker but thats o.k. I guess.
Question for you blogger users out there: Does anyone know how to get the photos to appear larger on screen? They always seem a tad small and I can't figure out how to get them bigger.
Meanwhile it is getting cold around these parts! I am trying to hold out until Oct. 1 to turn the heat on but I can't feel my toes anymore so I may have to give in! We jsut finished reading "The Long Winter"- part of the Little House series. I can tell you it made me none to excited for winter but so thankful that we live in these times. It also made me feel like a whiny baby for using my seat heaters in the car and whining about the housework, which by the standards of those days, would have felt like a day at the spa to Ma Ingalls.


Kim G. said...

I LOVE the quilt you made, the colors are so sweet and the embroidered bird is the perfect touch. I am not a quilter but boy this makes me want to learn!

one gal's trash said...

Hi Mo,
One Gal's Trash here. When you are importing photos on Blogspot, just before you upload a photo, you will see an option that asks: "Do you want your image..small, medium or large" with a dot next to each. Just make sure the "large" dot is checked. Hope that works, if not, it is beyond my scope. By the way, your limelight hydrangeas in the black glass look just amazing!

cliodhna said...

thats really beautiful.. very simple but charming!
thanks for the cool comment on my post! there is some good info coming in..

dorie said...

Ha ha! Yes, and of course I immediately thought of you. Wasn't that fun?

Love the embroidery on pattern--so sweet!

Hope you are well,

Jennifer Paganelli said...

very pretty!!!

Geek+Nerd said...

That embroidery is perfect. The quilt looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

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