Monday, September 29, 2008

Auction for Nie Nie

As many of you out there, I have been following the story of Stephanie and Christian for the last month or so. For as much sadness and frustration I feel for them, I am so amazed by the strength and love of their family and the willingness of the family to share the story with all of us. As tragic as the story could be, there is so much hope when you see how people have come together for this family that has resonated with so many. So that is the big plans for my doll quilt. I found a quirky old vintage doll bed and outfitted it with a mattress, quilt and pillow and am auctioning it off for Nie Nie. Check out this mattress...
Don't you just want to crawl in and take a nap? I tufted it with covered buttons and love how old fashioned it makes it look. (click on the photos to see a nice big view.) I also made a pillow and pillow case with ruffles because it's just more fun like that for little hands- to take the pillow in and put it back. It has piqued much interest here with my (6 year old) daughter and her friend so I am fairly confident it will make someone very happy come holiday time. The auction starts right now and will continue until saturday around noon. Let's start the bidding at $60.00. I will even pitch in for shipping so everything you bid will go directly to Nie Nie and her beautiful children. To bid, just leave it in the comments but make sure I have a way to reach you.
One more thing: I would love to get the word out as much as possible so that we can get some good bidding going so I am offering a bribe of sorts. Link to this post, email me to let you know you have linked to me ( and I will draw a name from all the linkers and the winner gets the pretty little bauble below. It is a coin pearl with some pretty little watery colored natural stones (not sure what kind- just some pretty ones I found in my stash) on a sterling silver chain.


Kim G. said...

I bid $65, what a fun dolly bed, and yes, I would like to crawl right in it!

Maija said...

That is wonderful- I want a full size bed like that!

Anonymous said...

I'll bid $70. It will make a great Christmas gift!