Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beach weekend

We found the greatest tide pools on our beach trip last weekend. We went with my husband's whole family so there were lots of kids and lots of fun. I could have stayed at the tide pools all day but there were waves to play in and holes to dig. Man those boys dug A LOT of holes that weekend. Building dams, making little holes for the tide to fill, engineering all sorts of holes and whatnot. The tide would come in and ruin their holes and they would scream "Dam it! Dam it! Dam it!" and it took me a second to figure out that they meant to dam the thing so the water would stay in and not, Damn it! The ocean wrecked my hole! Still , a little funny to hear them all screaming it.
Here are some more photos... Here are the tide pools filling in Don't you love that wide expanse of beach. It just goes on forever.
My sweet girl checking things out. We found so many great little critters and things to explore. And to have the weather so nice and have it actually be warm is quite the treat on the coast here. Usually it is pretty chilly even if the sun is out.
One more week until school starts. It is always a little bittersweet- feeling like we are losing our long days together but it will be nice to have a routine again. There are just a few more things to pack into this last bit of summer.


Its_Lily said...

whole days spent at the beach doing nothing....and everything. My favorite thing to do.

One Crabapple said...

Wow I wanna be there....! It looks like a perfect family get away. I laughed--- "dam it". I am sure that was something to hear ! Little bird voices...

Love the name LIMEGARDENIA

So, did you get my email to F&O ? I was wondering about more cards. I might have even got your response but in my spam ? I am on this weird yahoo acccount now.

Please please purty please, I need more bloggity cards ?

Lynne said...

Great photos, Mo. Looks like a perfect day.