Sunday, June 22, 2008


That was a ride. I had quite the deadline at work which kept creeping out as loose ends became tied and the madness of a season hitting it's peak came to a head. Everything is now done and now I wait for a several weeks for all the samples to come in. Ahhhh. This is always a nice spot in the process.
I made the kids do lots of yardwork today which, unbeknownst to me, is a severe form of child abuse-judging by how they were acting. I will say that the little one, in her classic klutzy fashion managed to get tangled in a bunch of tomato cages and get a nasty gash when she fell on a rake trying to free herself from the tangle of said tomato cages. Classic. We used to laugh because she could be standing still and find a way to fall down. I think once she grows into her long lanky limbs she will be a bit more steady. She is like a big puppy, all wagging tail and humongous paws.

Is that not the most beautiful rose up there? I cannot believe this bush. I haphazzardly cut it way back when the tree cutters came last fall. More to get it out of their way than to prune it. The leaves are all big and dark and glossy and I am not exaggerating when I way there are 30 buds and about 10 blooms on this rose right now. I have never had a bush so healthy, here in black spot country. I also love the combination of this coral rose and the hot green creeping jenny-

And here is a pot I put together this weekend with one of my favorite begonias, yummy moss and the sweetest dark dark purple coleus. It looks good with everything. Thankfully yard sale season is upon us and I have found a few goodies lately. Here is one from this weekend- it is just this sweet wooden tray. I love the detail in it. Three bucks! I wonder where it came from originally.

It is my birthday week so who knows, maybe I will have to get together some sort of giveaway. It has been a birthday tradition so I will think about what to do this year.


sillypants said...

Happy B-day week Mo !

one gal's trash said...

I linked over to you from my friend Magpie Ethel. Your photos are gorgeous and my oh my that ROSE! I do garden design and your plant photos are delish. Stop by my blog when you have a sec. Thanks!

Maija said...

It's such a beautiful photo-the color of the rose is amazing!!