Friday, May 23, 2008


Wow is for these gorgeous roses I picked today from our bushes out front. You should smell them- the whole dining room and entry where these vases are smell entirely of good old fashioned roses. All of a sudden the bushes were covered with blooms which made the grey wet day we had feel a little better.
The other part of the Wow! is for the amazing time I had going to the International Quilt Market last weekend with my friend Lori. Lori and I were apparel designers together back in the day and are both avid sewer/crafters/garden folk. Wow! It really was as great as it looks on all the blogs that are recapping it now. Lori has a company called Mr. Judy that she runs with here sister. They make the most adorable kids clothes so we went to peruse the offerings to see what might be good prints for her next line. We met some amazingly talented designers and I was so impressed with how really genuinely nice everyone was. It isn't that I didn't expect people to be nice, you just figure that in that sort of place where there are so many people and so many things going on, it would be difficult to be present for everyone but the folks we talked to really were great. We had a great conversatrion with Heather Ross and in the middle of it Jennifer Paganelli came up and handed us little packets of fat quarters from her new line. Pretty much a high point! After the show we just sat and ate lunch and talked about how pretty much that was as much crack for crafters as we have ever been in the midst of.
I left the show and went straight to the beach with my family. It was a scorcher weekend with temps near 100. Sadly, it was short lived and today we maybe hit 60 and it rained forever. It is so wet and soggy and cold today that I truly feel like I am inside a cloud. Yuck. I have much to plant this three day weekend so I am hoping to get a break in the wetness so things will be a tad less muddy. Have a great weekend!

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melissa@yummygoods said...

aw, I wish we had met at market! Heather and Jennifer are both just darling aren't they?