Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gift idea

Here is something I made for my sweet little niece for her birthday. I felt a little extra effort was warranted as she thinks I am "the best artist ever!" in addition to giving me the credit for inventing shave ice. I love that she thinks I am fun and cool as I am sure there will be a day soon enough when she hits puberty and decides that I am only marginally cool at best. She has a couple of little stuffed dogs so I thought I would make a little bed for them. First of all, how great is that fabric? I bought lots of it on sale at my favorite fabric store. The colors are so great. It came as no surprise when I looked at the selvedge and saw that it was done by Jennifer Paganelli. I love her stuff.
First off I bought a lined basket at Pier One though you can get these baskets lots of places. I took out the drawstring it came with and put some ribbons in instead. I had a pillow form that I took some of the stuffing out of so the mattress part would snuggle nicely into the basket leaving room for the puppies. Then I used the excess stuffing to make the pillow. The blanket was a napkin I added the fabric piecing to.
All in all I was able to make it with things I had around the house (except the basket) and it was a quick and easy project. She loved it as did her puppies. I love toys that help a kid be nurturing and I love the handmade aspect. I think I would do this again but maybe make a doll to go in it.


Maija said...

I wouldn't mind crawling in there for a little nap! It's so pretty!

laurie said...

Great gift. I love it when nieces think their aunties are the most clever people on earth (I have 5 little ones who adore me and one who doesn't because she is a sully teen) Love that you invented shaved ice...way to go!

sillypants said...

OH, MY, Goodness.

I can NOT believe what a talented little person you are! Perhaps you could adopt me? Just for a little bit, just enough to teach me how to be all crafty and cool like you.

happy zombie said...

Hi clever and how cute! You're way beyond marginally cool Mo!

PS... I love. love, love The Pine Needle in Lake O! One of my fave shops!!! Even more so now that there's a Peets Coffee only one block over!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love this so much!!! that is just the sweetest..Do you make them for adults??? xoxo Jennifer