Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five bucks

I got this little beauty for (you guessed it) five bucks. It is such a sweet size and color that all I did was clean it up and find a spot for it. I love that Ikea fabric on that pillow back there. I wish I bought more of those but I didn't and now they are gone. Oh well- it's not like I don't have several miles of fabric yardage I could pull from!

And here is a sweet purple chair that a friend gave me the other day. It is one of a pair and they are vintage but have been recovered at some point in this fun purple fabric. The only problem is that now the couch looks too big and weird next to them so maybe a new couch will be next. And then I am sure I will want to paint the room so these free chairs are getting more expensive by the minute! Dusty likes the chairs too but you can see he has that "you are going to make me move outta here aren't you?" look on his face. Yep! Sorry Dusty. He is also sporting his summer cut- nice and short. It makes him look like a puppy. I like his hair longer because it is so soft but this will be nice for summer.
Memorial Day weekend was great in that it was long but it was wet wet wet and by Monday I was crabby for sure. We had a couple of days where it rained non stop for hours and hours. Luckily we had been invited to some dear friends house on monday for lunch and it was all I need to get out of the house and feel happy chatting the afternoon away with great people. Now I have an afternoon of work ahead of me so off I go!


MLJ1954 said...

I am actually trying to convince my husband that we want to get rid of our couch in the family room and put in some more chairs or a bench. I hate our couch. It is uncomfortable and big. I love the chairs you have. A long time ago, I took and upholstery class with my Mom and redid two chairs and two "former" couches. We still have the chairs.

Lynne said...

Sweet chairs! What good finds. I am always happy with a good chair bargain. I"d love to master the art of sewing slip covers so I can transform the "less than pretty" ones.

-kj said...

It looks like your house gets cuter and cuter by the minute! I can't wait to see it!

Lori said...

The Yard Sale Goddess strikes again! I have a chair here in the same green fabric... unfortunately the cats got to it and now it is an upholstery project.

Holly said...

TELL me that wasn't 5 American Dollars! I NEVER see anything that great! (at least not for $5!!!)